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“I’ve Come at Last to Anhedonia”

“I’ve Come at Last to Anhedonia”(c) 2023 by Michael L. Utley I’ve come at last to Anhedoniathat bleak and melancholy landbeyond the god-forsaken desert sandfar ‘cross the sea of memorieswhere sunlight fades and none has e’er returned the forests filled with stunted thingsthat in the shadows furtive lurkrise forth from mires amid the murkof blackened…


“Doubt” (c) 2023 by Michael L. Utley an abandoned fieldan overcast skya cedar posta river stonea random trajectorysomething will shatterin a momentwhen sorrowand regretmergeforcefully so many thrown stoneslitter the groundaround the postmissed opportunitiesbad timinga reprieve fromconsequencestoo brutalto imagineshould woodand stoneconnect but this time is different my aim is trueand throughtear-blurred eyesI find clarity at lastas…

“The Thing on the Ground”

“The Thing on the Ground” (c) 2017 by Michael L. Utley There—the thing on the groundSome insect or otherA leg detachedDragged off by ants It kicks in stupidFutile spasmsInsectoid mind buzzing inSome alien tongueAntennae crippledUseless I step closerHovering aboveAs this pedestrian drama playsBelow me “Jump, damn you!Save yourself,Worthless grasshopper!” I am strangely furious at thisPathetic…

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