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“A Tanka Trio (11)”

(c) 2022 by Michael L. Utley (#31) my exhausted faithflows just as the drift ice flowsbreaks and melts awayheaven’s reflection blurringin the sea’s saltwater tears ….. (#32) I catch the waterdripping from the iciclesin a mason jaras a gentle reminderthat I do not weep alone ….. (#33) moon paints snow angelson forgotten midnight fieldsonly clouds …

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“January’s Scion”

“January’s Scion”(c) 2022 by Michael L. Utley January’s scion, born of wintermessenger of midnight’s dark domainharbinger of fearful futuresherald of the past’s persistencebearer of remembrances ofwhat shall surely be I’ve succumbed to January’s Januspeering ever forward and behindfrozen firmly on the thresholdof what was and what may soon bedoomed to bear the weight of all …

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“Sheep Mountain & Beaver Pond”

M32-1(S)—Sheep Mt. & Beaver Pond, near Trout Lake, SW ColoradoTrout Lake is located near the small town of Telluride in southwest Colorado and is among my favorite places on the planet. This image was made a couple of miles from the lake. The stark contrast between the black water of the beaver pond and the …

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