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“A Few Haiku (47)”

(c) 2022 by Michael L. Utley (#277) my soul’s tourniquetstaunches words but not the painI weep in silence ….. (#278) strip me of my layersto my core of nothingnessthen you’ll understand ….. (#279) an errant snowflakedrifts through my paneless windowand freezes my heart ….. (#280) yuki no hanacoldness blossoms in my heartmy endless winter ….. …

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“Green & Brown Acorns”

Green & Brown Acorns, Southeast Utah (c) Mike Utley When we think of oaks, we tend to envision stately, majestic, robust trees with brawny boughs festooned with squirrels and tree houses. However, the farm on which I was raised in southeastern Utah sported no such giants. Instead, their gnarled, stunted cousins—Gambel oaks—thrived in the arid …

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