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“A Tanka Trio (11)”

(c) 2022 by Michael L. Utley (#31) my exhausted faithflows just as the drift ice flowsbreaks and melts awayheaven’s reflection blurringin the sea’s saltwater tears ….. (#32) I catch the waterdripping from the iciclesin a mason jaras a gentle reminderthat I do not weep alone ….. (#33) moon paints snow angelson forgotten midnight fieldsonly clouds …

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“January’s Scion”

“January’s Scion”(c) 2022 by Michael L. Utley January’s scion, born of wintermessenger of midnight’s dark domainharbinger of fearful futuresherald of the past’s persistencebearer of remembrances ofwhat shall surely be I’ve succumbed to January’s Januspeering ever forward and behindfrozen firmly on the thresholdof what was and what may soon bedoomed to bear the weight of all …

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“Rocky Mountain Columbine”

F38-1(S)–Rocky Mt. Columbine, Taylor Mesa, SW ColoradoThis is my favorite flower. It grows up in the mountains where it’s cooler and shady. In the summers you can find meadows covered with columbine of various colors, including variations of purple, yellow and even red. This columbine was found growing beneath the lower branches of a dying …

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“A Few Haiku (30)”

(c) 2022 by Michael L. Utley (#175) the burning earthraging sea and starless skynature’s broken heart ….. (#176) the blowing snowwinter’s children play hopscotchon frozen fields ….. (#177) nine thousand milesand years of pain lie betweenmy heart and my soul ….. (#178) does she rememberin her tropical wintermy world of snow ….. (#179) drafts have …

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“View North from Arch Rock”

W4(S)–View North from Arch Rock, Arch Rock State Park, OregonArch Rock State Park lies along the southern Oregon Coast between Gold Beach and Brookings. Its namesake feature is a natural arch just off the shore. This image represents the view north from Arch Rock in the magic hour lighting of late afternoon and early evening, …

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“A Few Haiku (29)”

(c) 2022 by Michael L. Utley (#169) my unsettled thoughtsblanket my winter worldin restless stasis ….. (#170) winter’s bitter dirgeprelude to spring’s soliloquyhope waits in the wings ….. (#171) from womb to tombwinter’s ever-present shroudwhite cloak of despair ….. (#172) heaven’s secretswhispered in the hiss of rainon elm leaves ….. (#173) to those whose storiesgo …

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“A Few Haiku (28)”

(c) 2022 by Michael L. Utley (#163) old applesfrozen to the groundthe silent orchard ….. (#164) juniper berriesblue sky’s children nestlein cedar cradles ….. (#165) my horse is oldand my cart is brokenthe depths of winter ….. (#166) winter granaryrice sacks are emptyand spring may never come ….. (#167) thoughtless chickadeesbear the winter’s burdenwhile I …

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“Autumn Colors & Early Snow”

FC4-1(S)—Autumn Colors & Early Snow, near Groundhog Reservoir, SW Colorado. Groundhog Reservoir is one of my favorite locations. You can achieve perfect mirror-image reflections of the Lone Cone on its surface at times. Most people go there to fish, hunt or camp, but I always went there to work on photography. The roads are not …

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