“I Did This”

“I Did This”
© 2012 by Michael L. Utley
I did this
A handful of fear and feathers
The black eye of God
A handful of blood and feathers
I did this
A tiny universe
Gasping for breath
Grasping for death
Stopped cold
By the golden orb of fate
I have seen myself
In the black eye of God
The dulling
Eye of God
And there I stood
An empty eternity
Before me
My marbled form
My ivory eyes
Yet full of knowledge
A handful of bones and feathers
I did this
I cried
As the sparrow died
In my hand
Its blood a tracery
In my palm
A crimson filigree
My life line stained
In its death
I cursed myself
Railed at the sky
At the earth
At all things
There is no why
There only is
And this was bitter
The dead bird
Was still warm
When I buried it
A handful of nothing
A heart crushed by everything
I did this

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