“A Few Haiku & Senryu (56)”

(c) 2023 by Michael L. Utley


dusty stew pot
her memory lingers by
the cold hearth



a tiny sun
in this cold dark hell
golden suisen



strings of koto
from beyond the bamboo grove
my heart breaks again



don’t look at me, moon
I’m not who you think I am
dark night of the soul



from my window
the mountain; from the mountain



green silence
and the end of all things
sea of trees

(Note: A bit of a title change for this series. I’ve been writing senryu almost as long as haiku and I figured it was time to clarify that these little collections contain both. Haiku pertain to nature and seasons, while senryu address the human condition. The formats are virtually identical; the subject matter differs.)

“A Summer’s Field in Winter” published at MasticadoresIndia

I’m happy to announce that my poem “A Summer’s Field in Winter” has been published at MasticadoresIndia. I’m so grateful to Terveen Gill and her team for their support and kindness in publishing my poem. Terveen’s enthusiasm for writing inspires everyone and is such a wonderful catalyst for creativity. I’m both excited and humbled to have my poetry included at MasticadoresIndia. Thanks so much, Terveen!

“A Summer’s Field in Winter”

“let us sift through summer’s solemn ashes
let us scavenge rusted hopes from twisted
hulks of yesterdays amid the swelter
and the din of frigid silence
as crows circle…”

I’d be grateful if you would check out the rest of my poem by clicking this link. Also, be sure to follow and subscribe to MasticadoresIndia—it’s a wonderful place for those who love writing.

“A Few Haiku (55)”

(c) 2023 by Michael L. Utley


to write is to breathe
and I am suffocating
in silence



speak again of joy
and the warmth of summer days
your lies are comforting



pond ice
stretched thin as hope
and equally deceptive



some write of joy
I write of experience
would they were the same



pardon my sorrow
and forgive my weeping soul
a poet’s lament



hope comes and goes
and lasts for but a season
winter snow

Featured Blogger at Myths of the Mirror Blog

I’m particularly delighted to announce my good friend and fellow writer Diana Wallace Peach has chosen to feature my blog on her Weekend Blog Share at Myths of the Mirror blog. I’m deeply humbled that she chose to showcase my blog this week. Diana is an accomplished writer and poet and her blog is a treasure trove for anyone who loves good writing and amazing story-telling. She’s also one of the kindest, most supportive and encouraging people you could ever hope to meet. Thanks so much, Diana, for this honor. I truly appreciate it, my friend!

You can check out Diana’s Weekend Blog Share post by clicking this link.

“A Few Haiku (54)”

(c) 2022 by Michael L. Utley


the trees believed once
before they lost everything
the lies of winter



for whom do you seek
there’s no one here but me
long night moon



fetch the sickle moon
let us harvest ice blossoms
winter star fields



sorrows of autumn
kindle the warmth of winter
the blazing hearth



this bitter cold
reminds me I’m alive
and why I wish I weren’t



in each flake
a brief eternity
the grief of winter

“A Few Haiku (53)”

(c) 2022 by Michael L. Utley


my world begins and ends
at my window
lonely winter moon



blood and feathers
the sky falls into my palm
a young boy’s shame



calligraphy of sorrow
etched on her wrists
autumn’s demise



fast asleep
in the heron’s belly
the stilt hut



one cup one bowl one spoon
and a thousand silences
winter’s bitter feast



when it’s time to laugh
I will laugh; until then
let me cry

“Odysseus” published at MasticadoresIndia

I’m delighted to announce that my poem “Odysseus” has been published at MasticadoresIndia. I’m so grateful to Terveen Gill and her team for their support and kindness in publishing my poem. Terveen is a writer’s greatest ally and her steadfast encouragement is a bottomless font of inspiration. I’m both honored and humbled to have my poetry included at MasticadoresIndia. Many thanks, Terveen!


“I saw Odysseus sprawled on the sidewalk between
The squalid little deli and the boarded-up
All-night video place whose weather-stained
Posters advertised GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS
Amid obtuse indecipherable graffiti and
A fallen constellation of multi-hued shards of
Broken glass that crunched underfoot like
Bone fragments
The patina of snow about him
Pristine in its absence of footprints from

I’d be grateful if you would check out the rest of my poem by clicking this link. Also, be sure to follow and subscribe to MasticadoresIndia—it’s a wonderful place for those who love writing.

“A Few Haiku (52)”

(c) 2022 by Michael L. Utley


dry gourds rattle
among cautious deer hooves
the forgotten garden



sing loudly, moon
for my heart is deaf
and my soul yearns to dance



there is peace
in the aftermath of tears
the joy of sorrow



let go the acorn
trust the earth
to keep its promise



an eternity
from your eyes to my heart
a tear’s journey



dull silence
a stone flung at a post
a summer’s field in winter

“A Few Haiku (51)”

(c) 2022 by Michael L. Utley


in sleeping woods
the scent of burning bark
the fragrance of memories



the tilt of her head
as she looked at me
the burned bridge



cairns of river stones
lest the stream forget
its sorrow



these old coins
both priceless and worthless
a wealth of emptiness



swift, swift the stream
and all it sweeps away
the torrent of the years



among the rushes
the blur of silent koi
and dreams of oblivion

“A Few Haiku (50)”

(c) 2022 by Michael L. Utley


in konara copse
ferns beckon
with come-hither fingers



white chrysanthemum
she sleeps in the cool embrace
of oak shadows



in the garden
corn silk and laughter
my mother’s memories



her impression left
on hand-made rice cakes
and my heart



I’ll cross the footbridge
soon enough but for now
let me enjoy the stream



live long enough
even the mountain will betray you
the forked path