“For Bonobo”

“For Bonobo”
(c) 2016 by Michael L. Utley

I used to know a Bonobo
Who had a silly a grin
And every time I’d say “Hello”
He’d kick me in the shin

I’d feed him whey and kidney pie
It made his tummy sore
And when I’d tuck him into bed
He’d bite and scream and roar

He played guitar and learned to sing
A monkey tour de force
And afterwards could barely talk
His voice was much too hoarse

And then that fateful day arrived
When monkey ran away
To seek his fortune on the road
To be a man someday

The years have passed like faded leaves
That fall from solemn elms
I sit alone on evening porch
As sadness overwhelms

I watch the west as sun slips down
And stars alight the sky
Will Bonobo come home someday
To visit you and I?

Then hark! What’s that? A hirsute form
That gambols down the lane?
It’s Bonobo, my monkey friend
He’s coming home again!

He shares his tales of travels far
O’er whey and kidney pie
And plays guitar and sings his songs
With twinkles in his eye

And then it’s time to part again
My monkey friend and me
“I’ll come again another time,
I shall return, you’ll see!”

And so I’ll wait until that day
With happiness and glee
When Bonobo, my monkey friend
Comes back to visit me

4 thoughts on ““For Bonobo”

  1. Before anyone objects, I do know bonobos are apes, not monkeys. However, for the sake of this piece, I threw caution (and facts) to the wind and used the term “monkey” instead. The term “monkey” just has a much more whimsical connotation that the term “ape.” So, some fact-bending and artistic license were employed. Also, this piece was written for a friend whose username was Bonobo, so changing the name would alter the purpose of the piece. Just a little background if anyone cares. 🙂

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