“A Few Haiku (28)”

(c) 2022 by Michael L. Utley


old apples
frozen to the ground
the silent orchard



juniper berries
blue sky’s children nestle
in cedar cradles



my horse is old
and my cart is broken
the depths of winter



winter granary
rice sacks are empty
and spring may never come



thoughtless chickadees
bear the winter’s burden
while I succumb



in the evening snow
hare tracks on the mountain path
silent, soon to fade

“A Tanka Trio (10)”

(c) 2021 by Michael L. Utley


Sere crone winter sheds
Iced waraji at the door
Hangs her hiemal veil
On the windows, frigid laugh
Desecrates the sacred place



Silver-throated winter-borne
Yuki no tori
Huddle in Hokkaido chill
Little clouds alight on branch



Weeping winter’s tears
Cannot cloak in drifts the rift
Between earth and man
Frigid hearts and bitter souls
Bury world in human shame