“A Few Haiku (8)”

(c) 2021 by Michael L. Utley


Sweat upon my brow
Dries to crystal salt; my toil
Earns ivory crown



Early morning mist
Mother cloud comes home to nest
Earth is safe and warm



Insects whispering
Secrets filled with mystery
As I plant the rice



In the pond I learned
All I need to know of life
Koi glide peacefully



My old white dog tries
To catch the swift stream but he
Only ends up wet



In these callused hands
There is dirt beneath the nails
Strength and wisdom too

10 thoughts on ““A Few Haiku (8)”

    1. Thanks, Mark. I was sort of chuckling when I wrote that one. It just came all at once as I recalled my old farm dogs who would lounge in cow ponds during the summers, imagining what they’d have done if they’d seen a stream. 😀

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      1. This is what is so good about haiku! In a moment of clarity an idea comes to you and then it also can have a life of itself. I have been thinking a lot about impermanence lately and as I read this it immediately became a great metaphor on the passing of time and attachment. The old dog, or the old man, tries to get a hold of the passing of time, that flows like a river. All attempts are in vain, because we can’t stop the river, Instead we just end up wet.

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    2. You’re so right, Mark. We’re always grasping at the past, or trying to corral the future, even as the present is wending its way past us. This is especially relevant as we age and things seem to speed up so much as our own mortality looms closer by the day. Like you, I love how haiku take on a life of their own. I’m both surprised and delighted by this when I read my own haiku after a time and see aspects I didn’t notice while writing them. The concept of impermanence is such a profound idea and you described it so eloquently on your website not long ago. I certainly feel like that old white dog in the stream much of the time, splashing about futilely as I try to grab the brass ring of time… Thanks for your insights and thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

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