“A Few Haiku (14)”

(c) 2021 by Michael L. Utley


Under darkened skies
Of depression even my
Shadow flees from me



Light devoid of warmth
Casts the moon as villainous
Skulking through the trees



Myths of ancient days
Etched in runes on ruined wood
Worm trails on old trees



Those cicadas know
What lies ahead is better
Than what’s left behind



Desiccated husks
Of bad memories remain
Rattle restlessly



Mem’ries of lilac
Wild rose and hollyhock
Melancholy prose

11 thoughts on ““A Few Haiku (14)”

    1. Hey, Mark. Always happy to hear from you and glad you enjoyed these. I actually borrowed a couple of lines from one of my own poems (https://silentpariah.com/2021/11/12/the-barn/) and slightly reworked them for #84. They’re found in the third stanza. I always loved the sing-song flow of these lines and thought they’d make a good haiku. As always, thanks so much for reading and commenting. It means a lot to receive feedback. 🙂

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  1. Thanks so much, Grace. Both of the ones you mentioned (#81, #82) come from memories of growing up on a farm. There were old out-buildings my grampa built by hand that had those maze-like worm trails etched into the logs and they fascinated me as a kid. And those rare cicada infestations were so bizarre–the loud droning, the fragile husks left clinging to the elms in the front yard, and how our farm cats developed a taste for the bugs, too! Thanks for reading and commenting. Always a pleasure to know you enjoyed my musings. 🙂

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