“The Snow That Never Falls”

“The Snow That Never Falls”
(c) 2021 by Michael L. Utley

The snow that never falls cannot assuage
The sorrow of the autumn’s grim defeat
There is no balm
For open wounds
No gilded cup
To slake the dying season’s thirst
No whispered words to quell the fear
Of failing heart
Forsaken soul
Abandoned hope
There is no honor in autumn’s demise
In absence of the snow that never falls

The tears that never fall have silenced me
Left desiccated bitter memories
Of desert sand
And alkali
That sting my eyes
Abrading zephyrs scour my soul
Abrasive hardpan sears my soles
I walk through life
An empty husk
Of what I was
There is no succor for these blinded eyes
In absence of the tears that never fall

The love that never comes has passed me by
And stranded me along the mountain path
The chilly wind
Bereft of warmth
Has sundered life
There is no trace of hart nor hind
Nor shadowed copse in which to rest
Treacherous scree
And empty tarns
And granite bones
Epitomize my solitary life
In absence of the love that never comes

The spring that never comes can never heal
The grievous pain inflicted on the earth
By autumn’s death
And winter’s drought
And dearth of care
For those who walk the silent path
Through torrid flats and frigid slopes
In search of what
They’ll never find
And stumble on
In darkness spurned by sun and moon and stars
In absence of the spring that never comes

12 thoughts on ““The Snow That Never Falls”

  1. The tears that never fall
    Love that never comes
    It’s pain becoming painless ,
    Enjoyed reading , and falling into reverie , to feel how life takes you in curvy paths , slides you down , takes you to the top, leaves you sideways😊

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  2. This is such a sad, beautiful poem, Mike. The way you have used the analogy between the woes of life and the changing seasons is breathtaking! My favourite lines are, “The spring that never comes can never heal
    The grievous pain inflicted on the earth
    By autumn’s death
    And winter’s drought
    And dearth of care.”
    I have bookmarked this post so that I can keep coming back to it.🙂

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    1. I’m really touched by your kind words, Aaysid. Sometimes I worry that my sad, introspective poetry is too somber for people to appreciate, and I can understand why. Most folks like upbeat, cheerful things, things that bring joy. But I can only write what I’m feeling, and often times that means poetry with darker themes. To know this poem spoke to you really means a lot to me. Thanks so much for reading and for your kindness. It’s so appreciated. 🙂

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